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4 Random Interesting Scientific Facts

4 Random Interesting Scientific Facts 1. In theory, a power drill could set your house ablaze. Drills generate heat, due to friction. A typical power drill, using 750 watts of electricity, puts out 750 joules of energy. It would take only four minutes for a wooden wall to catch fire in a 68°F room. 2. The 'chewiness' in gum comes from rubber. Early versions of gum were made with a natural type of latex rubber, called chicle. These days, it's made with synthetic rubbers such as styrene butadiene (which is used in car tires) or polyvinyl acetate (which is used in Elmer's glue). 3. A LEGO brick can support 770 pounds of force. LEGOs have the ability to support four to five times the weight of a human being, without being destroyed. They could support a tower 375,000 bricks tall, which is about 2.2 miles high. 4. Glass breaks easily due to its loosely arranged atoms. The loosely packed atoms of glass, known as Amorphous Solid, can't rearrange themselves quickly e

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